This product is only available for those who have taken my workshops.

The Open Studio gives you
Unlimited time to use the studio Mon-Wed, Friday and Sundays
Sound System to connect music
Basic building Tools, sponge, wooden stick, trimming tools
Access to water

Access to a mini fridge
Wheel use
Table space for wedging and building
Shelving space

Kiln firing (extra cost)

You are responsible for bringing your own clay and glazes.

I only supply clay, glazes, firing to my workshops so they are not included in your rental of space.

You must make sure you clean up after yourself in the studio.
Rinse and wipe the wheel
Sweep around your work areas
Clean and put away your tools
Fold your chair and put aside
Wipe communal table of clay
Keep to your shelf space
Make sure lights are off and space is securely locked when leaving